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As an emerging top quality CNC lathe manufacturer, Winpower Precision Machinery Co.. Ltd. takes it as its own duty to provide the industry with the most competitive machinery processing solutions. Backed up by its group's strong financial capacity,we hold advanced manufacturing equipments; Instructed by its refined corporate culture,we cultivate a high-quality team, produce top-quality lathes and provide efficient service. "If you want to build things,you shall build up people first; if you want to build people,you shall build up soul first" -- we have five souls.  

The first soul-rigor  Germans'rigor has created German Quality, whose automobiles and lathes are ranked as the first place all over the world. In Winpower, rigor is reflected in all procedures from design, manufacturing to service. First and foremost,  it is the design. From design to sales, the lathe needs to go through 4 stages of verification, with over dozens of projects to be tested in each stage. Secondly, it comes to manufacturing. We implement full inspection on crucial components that are outsourced to strictly control accuracy.  Components’ production and assembly go through a simultaneous process of manufacturing and inspection. Once an operator finishes one step, QC will immediately follow up and inspect. The next step is only allowed to carry out when it is qualified. Rigor is the origin of good products.

The second soul-innovation   Its great innovation capacity is what has put USA in the lead. Looking into recent centuries, you will find out that almost all the major inventions are from USA. We does not only encourage innovation, reward innovation, but also persue innovation. It is advocated to innovate boldly, prove rigorously and manufacture strictly. Each model of our lathe shall be full of innovation, modification and patent. Innovation is the key value that makes our products unique, perfect and practical. 

The third soul-listen In Winpower,engineers and management staff must pay frequent visits to users,and listen to what they have to say.We are determined to developing under clients'guidance, and manufacture as per clients'preference. In order to further meet clients’ demand,we will always keep improving our products and service. Listening to clients will definitely perfect our products, improve our service and shorten distance between clients and us. 

The forth soul-service  Service is the foundation for client to get to know us and gain faith in us. At Winpower,we believe sales starts from service and end with service. Over time, our service will prove to our clients that we are a responsible and caring company. Centered around clients'demand and cared about what clients care about. We take pride in "solving clients'problems and creating values for clients",and strive to further offering considerate service.

The fifth soul-Gratitude   Without suppliers’ support, clients’ recognition and help from friends from all walks of life, Winpower’s development will not as smooth as now. Without your support and help, we will not be able to find a stage to perform. We at Winpower will always keep an honest and modest heart,  and work hard to create the maximum reward to our clients. 

Dear friends, we truly hope that our products and service will bring you more success. Please always feel free to call us up if have any requirements or demands. Thanks.

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