Governor Li Qiang
 Mayor Xu Renbiao

Vision: with numerous first to build a respected world-class enterprise!

Mission: to give customers more successful, more successful employees make a better society!

Purpose: Focus on the core values of customer needs, to create maximum value for customers!

Core development philosophy: only the first! To the first goal decisions; to the first goal of struggle; the first is the standard work, man.

Spirit: simple, focused, rigorous.

Action: Creative Business, team building; achievements of customers, staff achievements; harmonious environment, and sustainable development.

VII decision style: could thoroughly understand, was set to take the line was determined.

Eight, style of work: to keep its promise, there is no excuse; absolute obedience, never give up; immediate action, attention to detail.

Nine, basic values:

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving man, happy front row; multi dedication, less demands; harmonious society, starting with me.

Responsibility: to have been responsible for the person responsible.

Innovation: the face of difficulties, a breakthrough innovation; future-oriented, innovation and development;

Be creative and create the future; the beaten path, sooner or later perish.

Go all out: quitting, brave victory; race of life, to those who win;

Whole-heartedly, and do everything; beyond the self, to create a miracle.

Team struggle: a small victory with a personal, victory by the team; brothers concentric, Qi force to cut through metal

Customer First: fear of the customer, customer service; customer satisfaction in order to survive. 

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