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TURRETS CNC Machine Tool

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TURRETS CNC Machine Tool
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TURRETS series CNC machine tool with truss manipulator

The Turrets robot is a small robot system, which adopts a new type of self-developed truss structure. The main beam adopts a roller-type transmission mode, the supporting beam and the guide rail are mechanically connected;The vertical beam also adopts the roller-type transmission mode (other driving modes are optional),the structure is small and exquisite, and the group line is also very flexible, It can form an independent automatic unit with the single machine, it also can realize multiple equipments operation through the material path, to complete the multiple procedure processing of the parts and make up a parallel multi-machine production line.

Turrets series robots are recommended to be used on CNC lathes for automatic processing of small parts of the regular discs or bar-type parts. It is especially suitable for short processing and large production. Because of modular design, the equipment that customers are using can be reformed, and the transformation of machine tool equipment is small. After the transformation, the machine can be changed from automatic feeding mode to manual feeding mode at any time, so that it will not affect production because of equipment shutdown.

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