Machine Tool Remanufacturing combine innovation and transformation, or let industry

With the machine tool industry for the production of precision and efficiency requirements increase, China's machine tool industry is currently in urgent need of a large number of ordinary machine tool remanufacturing, whether it is their own transition to market requirements or needs, capital investment is essential, and then from the machine manufacturing development prospects of view, upgrading the machine must be able to receive the corresponding reward.

On the one hand, machine tool remanufacturing market prospects for the better. In recent years, China's machine tool industry's rapid economic growth, the rate of production of CNC machine tools has improved. But there are all kinds of general machine tools more than 400 million units, of which a quarter of the machine is more than 30 years of military age, and the transformation of these machines has no value, to be eliminated update, about 70 of the remaining machines are available for the transformation of NC . For many ordinary machine tool remanufacturing implementation of the transformation and update, the update can be formed billions of market demand, maintaining economic growth, can play a role.

On the other hand, CNC transformation not only save costs, but also improve the processing efficiency. Usually transformation of large machine, just the acquisition cost of the new machine 1/3. Cost savings at the same time, it can also save all the updates caused by the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions. And after the general transformation of NC machine tools, machine efficiency will significantly improve the machining accuracy dramatically. The original one machine requires one to control, after the transformation of a worker can simultaneously control two machines, the rejection rate caused by human error also significantly reduced. Meanwhile, remanufacturing reduce labor intensity, labor savings, shortening the cycle and new product trial production period, to bring huge economic benefits.

In addition, the transformation of NC machine tools by safety performance improved significantly. Currently, a large number of ordinary machine tools used in our country, security has become a major constraint hinder its development. After the completion of the general transformation of NC machine tools, can greatly improve the machining efficiency and automation, intelligence, the possibility of operator exposure dangerous parts is reduced, reducing operator error rates, reduce accidents due to errors generated significant accident rate reduce the huge safety benefits.

Overall, the machine tool remanufacturing as a new industry, after years of development, is now again in the technological transformation and high-end equipment manufacturing place. Mature experience from abroad, the machine re-manufacturing technology innovation and technological innovation combined with focused and to enhance the combination of the transformation of traditional industries and emerging industries combined, it is currently the most effective way to re-use of CNC machine tools. In China, although the field of machine tool remanufacturing just emerging, but the market is huge, with a bright future.

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